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Related article: Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 20:34:17 -0700 (PDT) From: CH Subject: Casey and LeslieHi! This is a story of two close friends who found out that they both felt an attraction for each other. Casey and Leslie Casey Arnold and Leslie Smith have been friends ever since they were in high school. Both are now on the same university, taking up different courses but are still close. Leslie knows that Casey is a lesbian. She doesn't mind being close to a lesbian. They both find it quite funny that no one have ever mistaken them as lovers. It wasn't that they were, it was just that they were super close and Casey was quite obviously a lesbian and well, Leslie was super feminine. Casey is a medium built soccer little lolita pussy galery player, short dark hair with a rat tail and is quite chubby. russian loli ru forum She usually wears jeans and shirts and on occasions wears blouses and dresses. Leslie, on the other hand is a typical female. So much different when it comes to clothes. Casey had been crazy over Leslie for quite sometime now and is desperately trying to forget her and find somebody else. It didn't even come to Casey's mind to confess to Leslie about what she feels for her. Casey thinks it's too much of a risk and she didn't want to lose Leslie's friendship. "Sorry I'm late Casey, I got stuck in traffic.", apologized Leslie. "It's okay, I just got here anyway.", replied Casey. They went to the locker room of the gym and changed into their work-out clothes. Leslie thought Casey had something in her mind because she was so quiet. "Hey there! What's on your mind?", asked Leslie. "Oh well, nothing really.", said Casey. "How come you're so quiet?" "Les, have you ever felt so in love but you can't even express it?" "What do you mean?" "Never mind. It's not really that important." Both did their usual routine and finished after about an hour or so. When they finished dressing, Leslie invited Casey to come to their house that afternoon just to have some company and to spend a few more hours together before school started again. At Leslie's house, Casey took every opportunity to look at Leslie. She was so dumbfounded with her! She only wished she could find a woman at least half of what Leslie is to her. "Well, it's gonna be a school day tomorrow. It's study time again. I guess we won't be seeing much of each other, huh?", Leslie said. "Yeah, I guess so. We'll be both busy again, no time for play!", replied Casey. It has been a whole month since both have seen or talked to one another when Casey called Leslie. "You won't believe this but I've found somebody here!", Casey almost shouted on the phone. "Really? Who is she?", asked an ecstatic Leslie. "Her name is Flora, Flora Michael and she's not yet my lover but I'm getting close to her and there's just this chance for me!" "I'm really happy for you Case." A week passed and Leslie haven't heard from Casey and she thought that Casey changed her mind on Flora. Casey on the other hand was busy flirting with Flora. She was very happy that Flora is very nice to her, even after she found out that Casey was a lesbian. Casey had soccer practice one afternoon and she invited Flora to come watch her play. Flora did and Casey played one hell of a game. She had about 20 saves that day and she had a shutout. Flora congratulated her for an excellent game and offered her to come to her house and celebrate. Casey of course accepted the invitation. As a polite gesture, Casey opened the passenger side of her car first, as what she usually does with her other friends. Flora told her, when she got into the car, that it was such a gentleman-like gesture. "You're lover must be very proud of you. You're so kind and thoughtful.", Flora said to Casey with a smile. "Oh, lolita bbs defloration nymph I don't have a bbs book loli cgi lover yet. I'm so shy to tell anybody of my feelings", Casey answered. "Oh. Why don't you try? It may be worth it in the end." "Okay, maybe I'll try." Casey parked her car outside Flora's house and went inside. "Make yourself comfortable and I'll be back with some drinks", said Flora. Casey browsed some CDs and realized that Flora was into R & B music. So she picked Monica's CD lolita teen nude toplist and put it into the player. Casey opened a scrap book lying at the bottom of some photo albums. The first page had a title "My Greatest Influences" and had an A+ on it. It was obviously a school project. She saw Flora's parents at the next page and a long paragraph describing them and why and how they had influenced her. The next few pages contained pictures of other people, Flora's friends. The last page surprised her the most. It contained the pictures of Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche. Before she could read why they had an influence on her Flora got back with some drinks and a couple of sandwiches. She noticed what Casey was looking at and explained. "Ellen and Anne just showed me to be who I am and be what I want. They're so brave for coming out of the public. I admire them for that.", Flora explained. "Oh. Uhmm.... Flo, there's something I wanna tell you. I'm madly in love with you. I am not expecting you to reciprocate the feeling but I just want you to know.", Casey finally said. "You know Case, I've been waiting for you to tell me that you love me. >From the start, I've been attracted to you but I was afraid to make the first move. So when you told me that you're a lesbian and judging from our closeness, I thought you'd make the first move. But I love flirting with you!" "So you mean, you love me too?" "I love you more than you'll ever know." Flora gave Casey a tiny kiss on the lips. It wasn't passionate, more on the playful side. Life was so wonderful for Casey then. She hasn't told Leslie the good news yet because she wanted to introduce Flora personally to Leslie. Casey and Flora spent most of their time together. They were mostly in Flora's house because both her parents worked and aren't home until seven in the evening. Casey and Flora would kiss playfully but nobody ever dared to try and kiss passionately. After a month of being lovers, bondage rape lolita porn Casey finally introduced Flora to Leslie. "Leslie, I want you to meet my lover Flora.", Casey said. "Hi!", Leslie said speechless. Leslie felt strange. She should be happy for her friend but she wasn't! She thought about all the time Casey would be spending with Flora. "She's probably be spending all her time with Flora and she won't have time for me! No! Casey and I will remain to be friends! Or would we?", Leslie thought to herself that night. Time just flew by and it was Christmas vacation. Some of Casey and Leslie's friends held a beach party for old times' sake. Both were invited but they could bring anybody they want. Of course, bondage rape lolita porn Casey brought with her Flora. Leslie couldn't help but steal a few glances at them while they were eating, talking, laughing and when they were building sand castles. "They are flirting to death with each other. This is super PDA!", Leslie thought to herself. Meanwhile, Casey and Flora went to Casey's car to get some lotion when Flora tripped on the matting of the car and accidentally fell on Casey. They made eye contact and slowly Flora leaned closer and made contact with Casey's lips. Casey felt the electricity running through her body. This is their first young model teen lola kiss lying down! And there was something about a kiss being done while lying down. This is also their first passionate kiss. Back on the cottage, Leslie was trying to understand why, all of a sudden she hates seeing Casey and Flora together. Is she jealous? Is she falling in love with Casey? "No! I am 100% straight! Maybe I'm not just used to lolita top 100 preteen this.", Leslie reminded herself. Throughout the Christmas vacation, Leslie tried to push back all the things she felt whenever Casey and Flora were together. She concentrated on reading books, watching all sorts of movies and even tried to study early, just to forget Casey and Flora. But Leslie's mind always drifted back to Casey. She decided to have a boyfriend so that she could forget about Casey. She decided to try and reciprocate the feeling of anybody that courts her, especially the one who doesn't know Casey personally. A month passed and Leslie found herself watching a movie with Steven Gates, her boyfriend. They were watching a very scary movie but for Leslie, what's going on in her mind was far scarier than the movie. All the time that she was with Steven, she was thinking about Casey. It seems that everywhere Steven would take her, there is a lingering memory of Casey. "Hey! What's on you're mind? You're mind seems to be a million miles from here.", said Steven. "Oh! I was just thinking about the fun times Casey and I had here. We used to play soccer here and she would always win and play against the computer. She was one of the champions on that game.", replied Leslie. "Come on, let's go get something to eat." "I remember when Casey and a few friends of ours went to eat. We usually wanna eat the ice of the drinks but one time, it was a big ice so Casey grabbed two straws and used it as chopsticks." Realizing that Casey still was on her mind, Leslie asked Steven to take her home. On the way home, Leslie thought that it wasn't working with Steven. Steven was very nice to her but she just didn't love him. "Steve, I'm so sorry but I think we should just call this thing off. It's not you, you're very nice but there's just something about me that I need to fix. I hope you understand.", Leslie said. "I lolita bbs defloration nymph love you Leslie, and I respect your decision. I'll just be here if you need me, okay?", Steven replied while giving Leslie a friendly hug. Leslie lied down on her bed and started to think. She thought about how lucky Flora is to have Casey as a lover. Casey is very sweet, thoughtful, fun to be with, funny, always there sexy pics of lolitas to cheer you up, she always seem to know what to do to you whenever you have mood swings. Leslie's thoughts however were interrupted by the ringing of her phone. "Hello?", Leslie answered the phone. "Hi Leslie! It's me Casey! How are you?", said Casey. "I'm fine. I broke up with Steven, I never did love him anyways." "Oh, I'm sorry Les. Anyway, I just called because it's been so long since we've talked. Are you busy?" "Not really. I've been just thinking about some things." "Oh and what would those things be?" "It's nothing." "Oh Shit! I completely forgot! I need to go to Flora's house, I'll be having dinner with her parents. Catch you later Les!" Leslie put down the phone and flopped down into her bed. "Having dinner with Flora's parents? Are they going to be engaged or something? Casey can't handle being with other people's parents. She's always shy about it. Casey needs somebody to boost her confidence, to listen to her problems, to laugh at her jokes, to sing awfully for her and to listen to her sing crookedly, to go with her sexy pics of lolitas to the gym, somebody....somebody me?! Oh my God! I can't believe it. I'm in love with Casey. I'm madly and deeply in love with her!", Leslie shocked herself. Leslie spanked herself for taking so long to realize what she felt for Casey. Now she had to take a back seat behind Flora. While at Flora's house Casey's mind was wondering to far away places. She was happy being with Flora but she felt that if she really wanted their relationship to last, she would have to erase everything she felt about Leslie. After dinner and a short conversation with Flora's parents, Casey went home and started to think. Is she being fair with Flora? After all, she is cheating technically speaking. After much deliberation and consideration, Casey decided to break-up with Flora. Flora asked what she did wrong and Casey confessed her affection for her close friend. "I guess it just wasn't right and fair for you. My mind and heart belongs to somebody else and I would hurt you if we continue being together. I'm sorry Flora. I really don't wanna hurt you. I thought you would make me forget her, it worked for a few months but my feelings for Leslie are just too strong.", Casey tried to explain. "One thing is for sure Casey, I love you very much and I probably will for a long time. That's why I want you to be happy. Although it hurts me a lot, if you'll be happy with it, then I'll set you free. But please do me a favor?", Flora said teary-eyed. "Anything." "Don't forget me." "I won't. You'll have a special place in my heart." With that, Casey gave Flora a final kiss on the lips and hugged her. Casey felt so moved with what Flora had just said to her. She felt sorry that she had hurt this wonderful creature in her arms. But if she continued their relationship, she would have hurt her much more. Casey didn't want to tell Leslie about her break-up with Flora. She wanted to just let things settle down. And besides she still wasn't sure what to do with Leslie. Both started to talk often again and Leslie was sure she was falling deeper for Casey. Although she was still lonely because she was afraid their friendship would go down the drain if she told Casey what she really felt. One day in school, Casey had no class and started to take a walk when she saw Leslie sitting alone on a bench reading her notes. It was chili outside and Leslie shivered a bit. Casey took her coat off and gently put it on Leslie's shoulders. Leslie spun around to see who her donor was. She saw Casey smile at her lovingly. "Can I sit here?", asked Casey. "Sure, don't you feel cold?", answered Leslie. "I'm used to cold weather." Leslie thought for a bit and said to herself to at least give a bit of a hint to Casey about what she felt. "Come on, you'll catch a cold.", Leslie said as she put her arms around Casey and snuggled against her. "At least let me give you some of the warmth your coat gave me." Both sat there motionless, not knowing what to do with the growing tension between them. "Flora and I broke up Les.", Casey broke the ice. "Oh I'm so sorry. Why?", Leslie asked. "I was feeling guilty that I'm with her yet my mind is with another girl." "Another girl? Who is she?" "I don't know if I should tell you who she is." "Come on, tell me. No secrets remember?", Leslie lied. Casey sat up, lolita top 100 preteen took Leslie's hand and looked her straight in the eye. "Les, I don't know what will happen to us, but I think I should be honest to you. Les, it's you. I'm in love with you since last year. Yet I couldn't bring myself to tell you, because I was afraid you'd get angry.", Casey said, looking down. Leslie put her hands under Casey's chin and guided her view back to her. Casey saw the loving eyes of Leslie and felt secured. "Case, I didn't realize how much you mean to me until Flora came into your life. I was so jealous of her that I tried to find console with Steven. But it didn't matter, I broke up with him because I knew that something inside me was longing for something else. Then I realized that it was you that I was longing for.", Leslie said to Casey. Without any care to who might see them, both found their lips entwining. It was such a wonderful kiss, it wasn't hard and long. It was a sweet and gentle kiss. Leslie and Casey went on to be lovers for the rest of their lives and never felt a day of sadness. Both finished their respective courses and got a job that suited them. Leslie is a very successful doctor and Casey also found great success as a computer engineer. Both are also into businesses, they have a restaurant, a boutique, a mini gym and have toured their favorite country, the Netherlands.---the end---
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